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A Step-By-Step Guide To Renewing Your Mortgage in Victoria

As a homeowner in Victoria, you’ll usually have to renew your mortgage every few years. While it might seem like an extra headache you don’t really need; mortgage renewal also lets you shop around and find the best deals.  Whether you’re new to mortgage renewals or a seasoned pro, this helpful guide will help you […]

BC’s Secondary Suite Incentive Guide: How To Receive A $40,000 Grant For Your Home

Housing in British Columbia is an ongoing issue, with many prospective buyers and tenants struggling to find a place they can call home. However, recent initiatives that aim to stabilize the property market are paving the way for a brighter future.  From the promise to build new homes to making ownership more affordable for first-time […]

How To Leverage Your Savings Accounts As A First-Time Homebuyer

How To Leverage Your Savings Accounts As A First-Time Homebuyer First-time homebuyers often encounter issues when purchasing a property, battling against high prices and plenty of competition. However, Canada’s 2024 Federal Budget announced numerous changes and incentives to simplify the journey.  If you’re dreaming of ending the constant cycle of renting and purchasing a property, […]

What Is The Home Flipper Tax In BC?

The Canadian government’s 2024 Federal Budget announced more accessibility for people who want to purchase a property by building more properties, extending mortgage amortization periods and increasing RRSP withdrawal limits—welcome changes for many.  However, other announcements, including the increase in capital gains tax and the new home flipping tax, were met with less enthusiasm.  In […]

2024 Federal Budget Analysis for Canadian Mortgages

2024 Federal Budget Analysis for Canadian Mortgages Every year, the Canadian government releases its Federal budget, and residents wait to see how the changes will impact them. While the 2023 budget focused on improving the economy and making daily life affordable, the 2024 budget heavily targets the housing market.  A study from Abacus Data highlights […]

The Homebuyers Guide to Assessments and Appraisals

Buying a home is an exciting process as it symbolizes a new beginning. From viewing different properties to waiting in nervous anticipation for your offer to be accepted, the process can also be draining.  Many people forget the importance of appraisals and assessments—two integral factors when moving home and securing a mortgage. While property assessments […]

4 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Home in Canada

4 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Home in Canada So, you’re thinking about buying a home in Canada. Whether it’s your first home or you’re upgrading to a larger space, there are many things to consider.  The right property will last for years and prove a wise investment, but buying a home that […]

Bank of Canada April Interest Rate Announcement

Bank of Canada April Interest Rate Announcement Homeowners and property hunters across Canada waited to see whether the Bank of Canada would shake up its interest rates. However, the April 10, 2024 announcement confirmed what most experts already knew—the overnight lending rate will stay at 5%.  Our recent 2024 interest rate predictions post highlighted the […]

When Should You Start Thinking About Refinancing Your Mortgage?

Owning a home gives you more freedom and flexibility—but it also comes with additional responsibilities and big decisions. One such decision is whether to refinance your mortgage. Refinancing could save money and give you more flexibility if you own at least 20% equity in your property. However, jumping into a decision might mean you don’t […]