Community Involvement

Are you looking to be a more involved, conscientious member of your community? Have you recently become a homeowner and are wondering how to make the most out of being part of a larger neighborhood? Then incorporating community involvement into your daily life is definitely something worth considering. From volunteering at local events, attending city council meetings or even taking part in charity drives such as food donations for struggling families — there are endless ways that today’s millennial homebuyers can actively engage with the world around them. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and discover some positive steps towards strengthening our overall sense of purpose within society!

Growing up in Victoria BC, Community Involvement means to give back to my community wherever possible. I was on the receiving end of the volunteerism our beautiful city is known long before I became a Mortgage Broker. Whether it was in the form of coaches who guided me in team sports, fundraised to support teams, and generally made sure I was on the right track.

As a father of four, I take these values to heart and continue the tradition of volunteerism, community involvement. This includes coaching local soccer. Also, fundraising for both the Canadian Cancer Society and BC Children’s Hospital whenever possible. It builds threads with other families and encourages others to be actionable in the same vein to give back. As it has been said before, it takes a village!

It’s easy to give back to a community that gave me so much while growing up. It’s these values I work to instil in my own children. They too volunteer in the local community soccer associations as coaches and referees.