Affordable Home Upgrades Under $100

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Affordable Home Upgrades Under $100. Are you a homeowner looking for an affordable way to upgrade your home? Perhaps, you are in the market for a new house and want to make sure it meets needs while not breaking the bank. Either way, investing in home upgrades can increase your quality of life, boost property value, and even save energy costs over time. The best part is that there are several projects out there which cost less than $100 – making them perfect for households on any budget! We’ll explore home upgrades that will transform your space without taking too much out of pocket cash. Courtesy of Prime Mortgage Works. 

Paint Outdated Cabinets

Spice up your space with a budget-friendly update! Investing in some paint and supplies can be an easy way to bring value to any home. With only $100 and one weekend, you’ll take something old and give it fresh life . This will up its equity for sale or brightening the look if you plan on staying put. Grab that brush or roller, pick out your hues of white or light grey, get ready to work those muscles. Then voila, newly painted cabinets at no extra cost!

Replace Kitchen Hardware

Updating your kitchen hardware can be a cost-effective way to give it an instant transformation. According to Matthew Griffin from At Home Real Estate Consulting, changing out those 2002 gold drawer pulls for something more current like matte black or silver can make all the difference! Want in on this budget upgrade? Check Amazon – you might just find everything you need with 25 stylish handles for around $25! One of many amazing affordable home upgrades under $100.

Add Solar Lights

Are you wanting to give your outdoor areas a little extra pizzazz? Take it from Jason Gelios, top-producing realtor with Community Choice Realty in Southeast Michigan: solar path lights are the way to go! Believe it or not, these high quality lights have become super affordable recently. You can buy 12 stainless steel LED light fixtures for under $50 on Amazon. Why not jazz up your backyard walkways and porches today?!

Change Out a Main Light Fixture or Two

Changing up your light fixtures is an easy way to spruce up the look of your home! According to Mike Stewart, entrepreneur and realtor with his own Professional Real Estate Corporation, buyers love new features that match their style. They’re drawn into it visually – so why not switch those old-fashioned lights out for something a bit more modern? Whether you shop online or hit up local stores in search of discounted deals LIGHTING UP YOUR HOME can be super simple & affordable too!