Do Not Buy The Best House in the Neighborhood

1. It’s out of your Budget

The number one reason why you never buy the best house in the neighborhood is because it’s out of your budget. The best houses in any given neighborhood are typically the most expensive, so unless you have a large budget, you’re likely to be priced out.

2. It May Not Be a Good Investment

If you’re looking to invest in a property, don’t go for the biggest house on the block! While it may come at an attractive price tag initially, its value will only increase slowly compared with homes of lesser quality. In fact, while other properties could spike by as much 20-30%, your grand abode might be stuck around 5% – not nearly enough bang for buck if increased equity is what you’re aiming for. Put that wallet away and save up more before dreaming big; otherwise all those dreams are going nowhere fast!


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3. The Neighborhood May Not Be Ideal

Another reason why you might not want to buy the best house in the neighborhood is because the neighborhood itself may not be ideal. The best houses are often located in the best neighborhoods. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those neighborhoods are right for you. Consider your lifestyle and needs when choosing a neighborhood, and don’t just go for the most expensive option.

4. You Don’t Need All the Space

Are you looking to start a family or entertain large groups of people? If not, then you probably don’t need all the space that comes with the best house in the neighborhood. It would be nice to have a big backyard or spacious kitchen. But if you don’t need it, then it’s not worth the extra expense.

5. You Don’t Want the Responsibility

Finally, another reason to not buy the best house in the neighborhood is the responsibility that comes with it. Owning a home is a lot of work, are you ready for that level of commitment? If not, then it’s probably best to stick with something smaller and less expensive.